Gretchen Troop Band (2008–2015)

My most recent project, The Gretchen Troop Band was started to create a platform for my originals and interpretations of soul, funk, jazz and blues standards.

Dangers, original, studio recording
Soul Conversation, original, studio recording
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long, Otis Redding, live recording
Summertime, Gershwin, studio recording

The Shamans (2004–2008)

The Shamans was a partnership between myself and Jason Coomes (later Jasco). This was the first band that I sang in that covered other people's songs. We were mostly a blues band but had some originals and a few funk tunes thrown in as well.

Killin Floor, Howlin' Wolf, studio recording
Dock of the Bay, Otis Redding, studio recording
Spoonful, Willie Dixon, studio recording
Come On in My Kitchen, Robert Johnson, acoustic studio recording

Sideways (1993–1998)

Sideways was an all original San Francisco based band that was formed by myself and the outstanding bass player, Scott Arnold. The band featured Tony Bertke on saxophone and Kyle Pesonen on drums for most of the band's history. Below are some recordings from a CD that we never finished (the keyboard track was never added) because we split up before the recording finished.

Rat Song, original, studio recording
Being Awake, original, live at Blake’s in Berkeley
Dark Poem, original, studio recording
Don't Forget, original, live at Boomerang in San Francisco